We are visionary, transparent and strategic investors who value add to the businesses of our investees. Thus, we always ensure that we act in the best interests and has complete alignment between us and our investees.

Our approach is to make a difference by customizing win-win, mutually profitable, and long-term solutions that will deliver a lasting impact. To us, it’s never about closing a one-sided deal. It’s about achieving the best results for both parties.

We take a long-term view with a structured approach to unlock the full potential of our investees. We are specialists on leveraging new opportunities and managing downside risks by optimising business models, thus growing our investees into attractive businesses with sustainable growth.

More than just being an investor, we are our investees’ long-term strategic partners and trusted advisors. We greatly emphasize on continual value add through providing the platform for synergistic collaboration with our extensive network of strategic partners.

On top of our own investment funds, we have relationships with a diverse group of investors, including Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, Bond and Mezzanine Funds, Family Offices etc.

We also provide advisory services which include:

Acquisitions and Strategic Investments

Trade Sales and Divestments

Management Buy-outs and Buy-ins

Equity and Debt Fundraising


Restructuring, mergers, joint ventures and strategic alliances

What We Do

We recognize that every client is different and unique.

We also understand that managing the financing options for their businesses could be daunting, confusing, and challenging for our clients. Our services are tailored to free our clients from these, thus allowing them to focus on the things that really matter – growing their business.

We would partner our clients to understand their needs and requirements with the purpose of creating a customized solution that complements and enhances their business model, be it through debt or equity.

Every client is of utmost importance to us.